Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What a Slacker...

Today I realized that I have completely neglected my blog. Not really sure the reason why? At first I thought it was because I was working again...but then I remembered I started this blog when I was working...makes no sense. Then, I thought, maybe I just don't have enough time lately. However, it is the winter...and time is all I have. Could be because I spend less time on the internet...but lets face it, we all know that is a lie!

Whatever the reason if/was...I have realized the error of my ways and I am back in the blogging buisness. There will hopefully be no more long breaks.

Since I last wrote on here a lot has happened. I obviously started a new job. Not a job I am fond of, but a new job none-the-less.

We bought new furniture, but unfortunately the store we bought it from decided to send us something other then what we bought. Hopefully, this will be corrected tomorrow.

My grandma's sister passed away. This made me more sad then I thought it would. We were not extremly close, however, close enough. I think the thought of losing someone close to my grandma just brought up emotions that I am still not ready to deal with a year and a half later.

On the bright side of things...Chris pee'd on the potty! That is very exciting! Every night before his bath or before his pajama's we sit him on his potty, so that he can get comfortable sitting on it. Last week though...he went the extra mile...and actually used the potty! I was actually in the process of taking this picture when I heard it :) I couldn't resist a naked potty shot of my I was lucky enough to catch it on camera!

Other then that...I guess things are pretty much the same. Life is moving...not sure in which direction...but as long as it is moving...I guess I can't complain!
"Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried." ~ Unknown

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