Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter is finally here...

I was looking through my camera today to upload a few pictures I had...and I came across this one.

This was only taken a few weeks ago. It was a nice day out and we were able to sneak in one last trip to the park.

All of my life I have loved fall and winter. They were my favorite seasons hands down. However, now that I have a child...I get a little depressed when it gets cool out. I know that it is just the beginning of months of being trapped indoors without a lot to do. I mean, sure we have games to play, toys to enjoy, books to read and shows to watch. But, when it is warmer out...our choices are endless!

So, I guess today I will stay inside and turn up the heat...and dream about warm days, when we can swing again!

"There are only two seasons, winter and baseball." ~ Bill Veeck

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