Monday, October 13, 2008


Could it really be that it has been a year since my baby arrived??? Everyday I look at him and think about how much he has changed our lives for the better. I can barely remember life before him (what did we really do all day without him to entertain us?!?!).

Prior to having Christopher, I knew our lives would change. I just never could have imagined though, how much they would change. I had no idea how amazing it would be the first time we laid eyes on him, or heard him make the tiniest of noises! I didn't know how heart broken I would be the first time he got sick or had to have shots...because it was the first time in his life that he felt pain and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I had no clue how frustrating it could be to watch someone try to accomplish a new task, such as crawling, over and over and over again...and how rewarding it is to see them finally accomplish it! I never knew how contagious a baby laugh really was...until I had Chris.

In the past year I have learned a whole new meaning of love...and I can't wait for MANY more years to come to experience it a little more!

Children make your life important.
Erma Bombeck

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clairecollord said...

I can't believe your little man is already a year old! He's just about the sweetest, and most loveable little guy in the world!